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This site and the instructional materials on it were developed by Professor Gladys Winkworth. Professor Winkworth has been teaching at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, New York since 1970 and at the American College of Management and Technology (ACMT), in Dubrovnik, Croatia since 1997.

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A Personal Note from the Designer

In 1997, I was privileged to be sent by RIT’s College of Liberal Arts , to assist in opening, and to teach at the American College of Management, RIT's subsidiary in Dubrovnik Croatia . I was involved in developing the admissions testing and criteria, and I developed and taught a course in American Literature specifically targeting what I perceived to be our students’ misconceptions about American culture. Meanwhile my students graciously and generously shared their beautiful country and their culture with me and my colleagues. As joyous as that experience was, I was frustrated that the cultural exchange was going only one way. In order to close that gap, I conceived the idea of offering Croatian literature in translation to American college students. RIT and ACMT have generously supported my efforts to develop modules which will assist American professors in teaching Croatian literature.

I am not Croatian. I recognize that when I teach a literature from another culture I cannot ever fully understand the cultural nuances inherent in the literature; that is sometimes the case even in subcultures of my own country. Then there is the huge part history plays in Croatian literature, history I can study and report, but will never “feel on my skin.” Add to that the subtle shifts that can occur as a result of translation and it will become clear that these teaching tools can provide only a minimal awareness of the original piece of literature. Yet, if literature does indeed enhance our experience, all who read this wonderful literature will become enriched by their journey.

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I want to say thank you to the following people who were very helpful in providing information, resources and support. I apologize if I have misspelled names or made mistakes in names of organizations. Hopefully, they will be corrected soon.

Igor Baj, who first introduced me to the National Library website and has been very helpful in showing me how to get access to materials in the library. He is also my contact for testing the electronic materials that are designed in the US , and a constant source of support.

Ana Bota, a student at ACMT, whose Senior Project provided the model and foundation for this website.

Mary Lynn Broe, the chairperson of the Language and Literature Department of Rochester Institute of Technology, who has allowed me to teach Croatian literature in RIT classes

Natasa Dragojevic of NSK who has helped to understand the importance of recognizing the translators, and to find out who translated the literature when the name is not obvious, and who has provided enthusiastic support.

Don Hudspeth, the President and Dean of ACMT who has supported this endeavor

Ana Marija Kirinic of the Ministry of Science Education and Sports and has provided me with contacts with Croatian Professors teaching Croatian Studies in English speaking Universities

 Glen Kist, Deputy of the College of Literal Arts at Rochester Institute of Technology who has provided the opportunity for me to test these teaching modules in the classroom.

Maro Leoni who acquired for me my first Croatian Literature books in translation, and who has spent many hours attempting to teach me a bit of history.

Gordana Matic at the Academy of Science and Art who has introduced me to book and authors who are important for this project, and who has provided me with several important books.

Stan McKenzie, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Rochester Institute of Technology, who provided the financial support for me to pursue this project on a professional development leave.

Professor Kresimir Nemec of the University of Zagreb who has provided advice and council, contacts, and support.

Sanja Nikcevic who has provided me with contemporary Croatian Drama (and taught me a bit about how to look at American Drama.)

 Antonija Puskaric who introduced me to the resources at Academy of Science and Art, and who has become my dear friend.

Paul Ruganis who has given his time and expertise to do the technical work needed to develop this site.

Nada Svob-Dokic, of the Institute of International Relations, who served on the ACMT board of directors and was my first contact for this project, has always been accessible to provide the contacts I have needed to pursue this project.

Davor Salat who has helped me gain entry to the Writer’s associations and given me recent copies of the Most to add to my library of materials.

Zeljka Turcinovic, who has introduced me to ITI and given me copies of the Croatian Drama Journals.

My colleagues and students at ACMT and RIT whose excitement and encouragement have been overwhelming.

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