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Croatian Literature in English



If you have never read any Croatian Literature, if you have never met a Croatian person, if you have no idea where Croatia is, you are about to receive a beautiful gift.

This Website is designed to enable English-speaking people to read Croatian Literature translated into English. It has been developed for demonstration purposes. It is designed with two audiences in mind: Readers and Teachers

READER - This path is for people who want to find a piece of literature to read. This path allows searches by designating the Author, Title, Time Period, or Genre of a piece of literature. Readers can also directly access an spreadsheet with data about the literature.

TEACHER - This path is for professors who want to use Croatian literature in their literature classes. In addition to the Reader resources, Lesson Plans and associated resources are available for their use.

This path includes:

  • Introduction and description of materials
  • Lesson Plans
  • Descriptions of pieces of literature
  • Literature Search by Title, Author, Genre, or Time Period

In addition, background information about this site and its developers can be found on the ABOUT path.

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