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The Excel data base that has been created to accompany the teaching modules for Croatian Literature Translated into English can be accessed from this page. The audience is English speaking Professors teaching Croatian Literature in Translation, English speaking Students in their courses, and anyone else who wants to research Croatian Literature Translated into English.

This data base does not pretend to be a bibliography, nor is it exhaustive, but is does identify which literature related to the modules is available electronically, which pieces are still in print, who the publishers are, and where the piece can be found if it is out of print and not available electronically.

The data base is designed to assist the user to locate literature according to Author, Title, Genre, Translator, and period when the author was alive. Criticism and Biographies are listed with the name of the author about whom the piece is written rather than the author of the article.

For example if the user wanted to see what is available in translation by and about Marulic, s/he would sort according to authors and all works by and about Marulic would appear in alphabetical order under Marulic.

Note: Users need to know how to properly sort in Excel for this worksheet to be most useful.

Column definitions:

A - The Author column. The author’s name is listed not only for works s/he wrote, but also for critiques and biographies about the author and his/her work.

B - The publication date of the particular book or periodical in which the work of literature is found. (Please note that there may not be any relationship between publication date and the date the work was written. For example, many works of Kamov were published during the mid 1990’s when there was a resurgence of interest in his work, but they were written at the turn of the 20 th century, as reflected in time period (Column J) data.)

C - The volume number in the case of a periodical and the City of publication in the case of a book.

D - The name of the publisher in the case of a book, or of the journal in the case of a periodical is given.

E - The page number where the piece can be found in the case of a periodical or anthology. If it is a monograph, it says book.

F - The genre or other topic designation of the work. These designations do not necessarily match the formal designation for library cataloging. These designations are for the convenience of the professor or student who is searching for literature or support material. A work may be an essay, but if its content is historical and/or cultural, it most likely has the Historical/Cultural designation. The genre identified are: Play ( including comedies), Drama, Poetry, Biographies, Critiques, Historical/Cultural, Novels, Essays, and SS for short stories.

G - The title of the work listed. In some cases the title may be the title of a poem or short story contained within a longer work. These titles are given because the students and the Professor will know they are looking for Kamov’s “Song of Songs,” for example. They will not care if it is found in the book Selected Short Stories and Poems or if it is from the Bridge magazine, unless they are concerned about a particular translator. If the translator is the concern, they can sort by translator. Only one copy of a given work would be available on e-reserves.

H - This column gives the name of the author of the biography or critique or the title of the book if the piece is in a book.

I - This column tells where to find the literature. If the book is available on e-reserve or if it is in paper copy on reserve in the Rochester Institute of Technology library, and if so the number of the file or book to be accessed. In the rare case that “available” is written in this column, the book is in print.

J - This column refers to the time period when the work was produced. By sorting on this column, the works will be presented in chronological order, enabling users to discover the chronological context of the works.

K - The name of the translator(s).

Please Note : This is not a staffed or funded project; it is an act of love. If you find errors, please inform us at Use the subject heading “Croatian Lit error” and be patient; corrections will have to wait for the next iteration of the project. Thank you for your patience.

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